12 Unanswered Questions From "The Fosters" Midseason Finale

The Fosters ended the first half of its season with a beautiful wedding — and a whole mess of cliff-hangers. Here’s what we’re wondering. (Spoilers ahead, obviously).

1. When will Callie come back?

ABC Family

Also, did she really think the least selfish thing to do was to leave without saying good-bye? Everyone’s going to be freaking out. But hey, at least she gets to hang with her boyfriend.

2. Are Stef and Lena still going to adopt Callie and Jude?

ABC Family

Yes, duh. But Callie’s disappearance does present a complication. First, they’re probably wondering if she really wants to be part of the family. Second, once she’s back, they’ll worry she’s liable to run off again. Anyway: poor Jude.

3. Will Jude tell his foster family that he saw Brandon and Callie kissing?

Eric McCandless / ABC Family

AWKWARD. He’ll probably keep it to himself because he doesn’t want to get removed from the house. At the same time, he’s just a kid — and kids are terrible at keeping their tiny mouths shut.

4. When will Talya and Brandon break up again?

Eric McCandless / ABC Family

Please. It’s only a matter of time.

5. Is Mike going to get fired for shooting an unarmed man?

Adam Taylor / ABC Family

Will Stef intervene? If Stef intervenes, will Stef get fired? So many questions! And perhaps the most pressing: Would the San Diego Police Department really trust the word of a drug addict who repeatedly lies over that of a seasoned cop? Just wondering.

6. Can Callie and Brandon ever be just brother and sister?

Adam Taylor / ABC Family

Or are they destined to be more than that, in which case they better hope their parents are really understanding.

7. Will Brandon ever have enough pain to play the piano well?

Adam Taylor / ABC Family

That piano teacher looks awfully disappointed. But nothing inspires great music like the foster sister you’re in love with running away to be with her boyfriend!

8. Will Ana ever get sober?

ABC Family

Will the show come up with a consistent pronunciation for her name? What about Mariana’s name? Truly, these are the important questions.

9. Is Lexi going to find a way back to San Diego?

Ron Tom / ABC Family

Will her parents really go through with this? Because seriously, worst parents ever if they just take her away from her boyfriend and social circle without a warning.

10. Will Liam ever face justice for raping Callie?

ABC Family

We may have seen the resolution of that storyline, which had Callie tell the truth at the expense of getting a conviction. It was rough but realistic — and maybe that’s all the closure she needs. Still, is it wrong to secretly hope Liam gets hit by a bus?

11. Will Stef’s father ever come around?

Ron Tom / ABC Family

He didn’t show up to the wedding, which is telling. But it’s 2013, dude. Get it together.

12. Didn’t Mariana think “Same Love” was a little too on the nose?

Adam Taylor / ABC Family


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