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    22 Times You've Felt Like Zoidberg

    Why not Zoidberg? Now that Futurama has been canceled, everyone's favorite alien outcast will have to live on in our hearts.

    1. When you were thrilled with the slightest bit of recognition.

    2. When sadness felt like a competition.

    3. When you couldn't figure out how to date.

    4. Or if someone was into you.

    5. Or if love would ever make any sense at all.

    6. When even giving a compliment was a challenge.

    7. When you were the third wheel.

    8. When your appetite got the best of you.

    9. And you didn't fit the clothes you used to fit.

    10. When you were REALLY bad at your job.

    11. When you couldn't even buy happiness.

    12. Or drink your troubles away.

    13. When you cared about your friends more than they cared about you.

    14. When you felt like you had no place to call home.

    15. And "fitting in" sounded like a myth.

    16. But also when you still managed to get excited about life — no matter how bad things got.

    17. When you celebrated the little things, like a really good sandwich.

    18. And entertained your friends.

    19. And made the best of a bad situation.

    20. When you danced instead of moping.

    21. When you showed life who was boss with a sassy attitude.

    22. And when, despite everything, you just let it all hang out.

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