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The Top 10 Most Successful "Real World" Alums

The vast majority of Real World cast members came and went, but there are some who have found post-show success. Here's a ranking of their careers.

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In addition to appearing on a whole slew of Real World spin-offs, Tonya has entered the world of adult entertainment. She was Playboy's Cyber Girl of the Week, and she appeared in Girls Gone Wild and Cinemax's The Erotic Traveler.


Following the "slap heard round the world," Irene has spoken out about reality show fiction and manipulation. She has a very popular podcast about mass media, No One Is Listening, on which she has interviewed notables including Noam Chomsky and Jimmy Wales. Irene was at SXSW last year, and people flipped.

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Mike has had minor roles in indie movies, such as I Do and Operation Cupcake. Now openly bi, he is known for being an LGBT activist and works with the Human Rights Campaign. Mike is producing a documentary called Kidnapped for Christ.

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Kyle has had various acting gigs, including a four-year stint on Days of Our Lives. He's also been in several indie films. Kyle is currently the executive producer of The Jim Rome Show.

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Eric was big on MTV in the '90s: he hosted the dance show The Grind. Since then, he's taken his shirt off a whole lot in dance workout videos. Eric also took part in VH1's Confessions of a Teen Idol.

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Formerly the Ashland County District Attorney, Sean is now the Republican Wisconsin State Representative, which some might argue makes him the most successful person on this list. Eh, that's only if you consider politics to be more important than entertainment.


After Judd wrote the autobiographical graphic novel Pedro and Me, he began working on comic books such as Green Lantern and Green Arrow. He created the Cartoon Network series The Life and Times of Juniper Lee, and now writes Catwoman and Batwing.

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The Miz is a WWE wrestler, and very successful, if you're into that sort of thing. He has made countless other TV appearances on shows as varied as Ghost Hunters, Psych, and Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader? His ABC Family Original Movie Christmas Bounty comes out this year.

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Jamie has moved up from minor roles to leads in films like Sucker Punch and Sin City: A Dame to Kill For, out this year. She can also be seen in the recent movies Premium Rush and The Man With the Iron Fists. Jamie currently plays Mulan on ABC's Once Upon a Time.

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Jacinda is likely the most successful actor The Real World has produced. Her films include The Human Stain, Poseidon, The Namesake, and Middle Men. She's appeared on Suits alongside husband Gabriel Macht. Jacinda now stars on ABC's new series Zero Hour.