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    The 30 Most Shocking Moments From The Original "Evil Dead" Trilogy

    The new Evil Dead might be horrifying, but let's not forget how gross and scary the original trilogy was. WARNING: Extreme gore ahead.

    1. When we first realized Cheryl was ... different.

    2. When this head started talking.

    3. When this head came back for more.


    5. When these fingernails did some damage.

    6. When Cheryl got raped by trees.

    7. When Linda got all sassy.

    8. When Ash learned to improvise.

    9. When green blood got all over the place.

    10. When Ash gouged Scott's eyes out.

    11. When Cheryl wouldn't let go.

    12. When Linda giggled.

    13. When Ash turned the tables on this Deadite.

    14. When blood mingled with spit-up.

    15. When an eyeball LANDED IN HER MOUTH.

    16. When this hand came out of nowhere.

    17. When fluids happened.

    18. When she JUST. WOULDN'T. DIE.

    19. When Ash took drastic measures with his evil hand.

    20. When Ash grabbed Ash.

    21. When this headless beauty came back for more.

    22. When this hand gave Ash the finger.

    23. When this Deadite spun around.

    24. When shit got weird.

    25. When we all got really dizzy.

    26. When Ash announced himself.

    27. When this Deadite made a threat.

    28. When Ash got hit from all sides.

    29. When Ash showed off his boomstick.

    30. When Bruce Campbell left this permanent impression on us.

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