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35 Signs You're A Recovering Renthead

Forget regret: there's no reason to feel embarrassed about the number of times you saw Rent on Broadway.

1. You overrelated to Mark. Like, a lot.

2. Do you know how hard it is to be the one who OBSERVES instead of the one who PARTICIPATES? Yeah. You do.

3. Also you dance like this.

4. You were way too emotionally invested in Roger/Mimi.

5. And Maureen/Joanne.

6. And Collins/Angel.

7. Be honest: you're already getting a little emotional.

8. Annnd now you're crying.

9. You wished you had a friend like Mark or Roger.

10. This gave you SO MANY FEELS.

11. Like, maybe you made fanart.

12. And it got kind of weird.

13. Your conception of gritty New York life was based entirely on the way these characters lived.

14. You were convinced everyone in the city was either an artist or a dealer.

15. This was the deepest lyric you'd ever heard.

16. Or maybe this.

17. Or this.

18. This was your yearbook quote.

19. Yeah, OK. Maybe.

20. You waited in miserable weather to get the $20 lottery tickets.

21. I mean, you've seen this show more than you've seen certain family members.

22. (At one point, this was very helpful.)

23. You can't even count the times you've seen Maureen's ass.

24. You were always loyal to the OBC. And you still are.

25. Of course, you'd make an exception for Aaron Tveit as Roger.

26. But NOT Vanessa Hudgens as Mimi. That's sacrilege.

27. You listened to the OBCR nonstop in high school.

28. You knew exactly when to crank it during "One Song Glory." ("Time flies. Time DIIIIIIIEEEEEESSSSS!")

29. You definitely moo-ed.

30. You knew all the lyrics to "La Vie Boheme."

31. And this always made you giggle.

32. You can't even see this without singing along.

33. You sang both the Maureen and Joanne parts in "Take Me or Leave Me."

34. You never stopped mourning Jonathan Larson. And you never will.

35. But you honor him with your life motto every day.