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35 Signs You Grew Up In Los Angeles In The '90s

It wasn't all earthquakes and riots. But that was definitely part of it.

1. You went on a school field trip to the La Brea Tar Pits.


And you were worried about the fictional volcano underneath. Thanks, Volcano.

2. You browsed albums at Tower Records on Sunset.

3. You listened to a lot of KROQ.


Or Star 98.7 if you weren't quite that cool.

4. You got doughnuts at the Farmer's Market.

Before The Grove even existed.

5. You learned to conserve water at an early age because there was a drought.


There was always a drought.

6. You ate at the Hamburger Hamlet.

7. Or Chasen's, if you were fancy.

8. Or Steven Spielberg's restaurant Dive at Century City.


It was a submarine!

9. You got ice cream at Thrifty.


Before it was Rite Aid.

10. You remember falling ash from the L.A. riots.


Unless you were even closer, in which case you remember the fire.

11. You learned about the female form from Angelyne.

12. And you were always on the lookout for Dennis Woodruff's car.

13. You knew someone involved in the O.J. Simpson trial.

14. You participated in countless earthquake drills.

15. You had property damage from the 1994 Northridge earthquake.


Or you didn't. Either way, it scared the shit out of you.

16. You had a healthy fear of downtown.


This was before the Disney Concert Hall.

17. And Hollywood Boulevard.


Which was even sketchier than it is now.

18. Your conception of the '50s was based largely on Ed Debevic's.


Maybe you even cried because one of the waiters was rude to you. Hey, you were only a kid.

19. Or the Johnny Rockets on Melrose.


20. You thought Melrose was the coolest.


So many places to get pierced! And the show, of course.

21. Your parents warned you about wearing red or blue.


You were very aware of gangs.

22. You saw your first play at the Shubert Theatre.

23. You waited in line to see "Titanic" at the Westwood Village Theatre.

24. You got a great view at the Encounter Restaurant at LAX.


It doesn't actually revolve, but at one point or another, you were sure it did.

25. You skipped school to check out the new "Jurassic Park" ride at Universal Studios.

26. And you rode "E.T. Adventure."


You gave a fake name, because LOL.

27. And the "Back to the Future" ride.


RIP that ride.

28. You were dazzled by the collection at the Museum of Miniatures.


All the other museums were neat too. This one was just the coolest.

29. You rented movies at Rocket Video.

30. You went to way too many birthday parties at Ultrazone.

31. And the UCLA arcade.


It had free play!

32. And Hollywood Star Lanes.

Gramercy Pictures

You were terrible at bowling.

33. You remember when the Staples Center opened.


Your dad went to see Bruce Springsteen play the first show.

34. You checked out the Rose Parade floats on display.


Or you actually went to the parade, if you were willing to camp out.

35. You're still suffering from all the smog you inhaled at a young age.


But it was all worth it.

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