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    Sep 4, 2013

    Robert Pattinson Pleasured Himself On Film

    RPattz recently revealed that he was actually doing the deed during his masturbation scene in 2008's Little Ashes. "I pleasured myself in front of the camera," he said.

    In Little Ashes, Robert Pattinson plays eccentric artist Salvador Dalí in the '20s.

    Kaleidoscope Entertainment

    The film is about the artist's close friendship with poet Federico García Lorca, which turns into a love affair.

    It's not a great movie, but there's a lot of eye candy.

    Kaleidoscope Entertainment

    Including some man-on-man action, as well as Pattinson's Dalí masturbating to the thought of man-on-man action. Neat!

    Here's the thing about that masturbation scene: He was ACTUALLY MASTURBATING.

    Kaleidoscope Entertainment

    According to an interview with a German magazine, Pattinson full on pleasured himself to completion in the scene, because faking it "just doesn't work." Who knew he was such a method actor?

    And here he is doing the deed.

    "My hand job face is recorded for eternity," Pattinson said. Indeed it is. In GIF form.

    Well done, RPattz. Way to commit.