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27 Reasons Luke Skywalker Is The Absolute Worst

More like Luke Crywalker. Star Wars is awesome, but Luke? Not so much.

1. First off, it's just not cool when you say it like that. Take a breath first.

2. THAT HAIR. No one is taking you seriously.

3. LOL, can you not?

4. And what are you even wearing?! OK, we're getting off track.

5. So, he's got MAJOR Daddy issues. It's all he ever talks about!

6. And when he finally finds him, he makes this RIDICULOUS face.

7. Like, just take a moment. Horrible.

8. He opts out of fighting. Yeah, OK, good luck with that.

9. Maybe because he SUCKS at it. This floating ball kicks his ass.


11. And then when he does fight, it's like, OOPS.

12. He is ill-equipped to be handling weapons.

13. Would YOU trust this guy with a lightsaber?

14. That's right. You just play with your toys.

15. He TALKS a big game, but get real.

16. I mean, he acts like he's not scared to fight, and then — BIG GULP.

17. Terrible time to pass out. Who does that?!

18. Remember when he just let the Emperor do this for a while?

19. Oh, the only romance he gets is from his SISTER.

20. Yeaaah, I wouldn't brag.

21. Also he's just kind of rude.

22. I can't believe you don't shut up!

23. Remember, when someone makes this face at you, it's because you DESERVE THIS FACE.

24. And he's so self-absorbed. He made Leia comfort him when Obi-Wan died, like 10 seconds after HER WHOLE PLANET WAS DESTROYED. Dude.

25. Even Yoda thinks you suck.

26. Surprise, surprise. He's pouting now.

27. OK, once more for the road.