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Ranking The Onscreen Depictions Of Catwoman

From the original series to the cartoons to the Christopher Nolan reboot, here's a ranking of all the Catwomans. Er, Catwomen?

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10. Halle Berry in Catwoman

Warner Bros. Pictures

On the plus side: This is one of the sexiest Catwoman costumes. And it's always nice to see a Catwoman of color.

On the minus side: Everything else. Catwoman has nothing to do with Batman — and while that's not necessarily the worst thing, it's just a terrible movie in its own right.

9. Eliza Dushku in Batman: Year One

Warner Home Video

On the plus side: Great, modern costume. Eliza Dushku, who kicked ass on Buffy and Dollhouse, is right for the part.

On the minus side: Frank Miller's take on Catwoman shows her origins as a dominatrix. And while there's nothing wrong with being a sex worker, it cheapens the character of Catwoman.

8. Nika Futterman in Batman: The Brave and the Bold

Cartoon Network

On the plus side: Fun throwback costume that gives the character a '60s feel.

On the minus side: Catwoman just isn't as well developed here, mostly appearing as a villain. The character works best when she's given a little more complexity.

7. Lee Meriwether in Batman: The Movie

20th Century Fox

On the plus side: That eye makeup! Lee Meriwether was a good replacement for Julie Newmar, who wasn't available when the 1966 Batman movie was filmed.

On the minus side: She's still not Julie Newmar. And the movie itself is really silly, even by '60s Batman standards.


6. Gina Gershon in The Batman

Warner Bros.

On the plus side: Gina Gershon! Amazing choice for Catwoman, as she seems like the kind of person who meows on a daily basis, anyway.

On the minus side: That costume is unforgivable. The goggles are silly, but it's the ears that are the real problem. They're cartoonishly large. (And yes, this is a cartoon. That doesn't make it any better.)

5. Anne Hathaway in The Dark Knight Rises

Warner Bros. Pictures

On the plus side: Sleek, high-tech costume that Anne Hathaway wears well. The moral ambiguity fits perfectly with Christopher Nolan's vision of Batman and the character of Catwoman.

On the minus side: She sometimes gets lost in an overstuffed film. And she's not really all that catlike, is she?

4. Adrienne Barbeau in Batman: The Animated Series

Fox Kids

On the plus side: This still feels like the Catwoman in many ways. She's exactly the right blend of anti-hero and villain, and her romance with Batman/Bruce is one of the series' most compelling threads.

On the minus side: Long blonde hair on Selina Kyle? Eh.

3. Julie Newmar in Batman


On the plus side: Sexy and super '60s, Julie Newmar's Catwoman is legendary. She's as over-the-top as the other villains but somehow manages to be legitimately threatening and seductive.

On the minus side: It's still too campy for some. And Catwoman doesn't show all that much range.

2. Eartha Kitt in Batman


On the plus side: Eartha Kitt just edges out Julie Newmar, on account of the fact that it sounds like she's constantly purring, which is a good quality for Catwoman to have. Again, it's nice to have a non-white Catwoman.

On the minus side: She's still limited by the series she's in.

1. Michelle Pfeiffer in Batman Returns

Warner Bros.

On the plus side: We get an origin story, which develops Selina Kyle and Catwoman past what most other iterations have done. Oh, and she's amazingly hot, with a distinct and memorable costume. No Catwoman has ever looked better.

On the minus side: No complaints here.