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23 Random Things We Learned From "The Venture Bros."

We can't all be as smart as Dr. Venture, but even Hank and Dean have some advice to impart.

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1. Sometimes the most obvious explanation isn't the right one.

2. There is no situation that can't be improved by a Batman mask.

3. This feels like someone with a fever is yelling at your pants.

4. Don't let Nazis fool you with their clever tricks.

5. It takes more than an umbrella to fly.

6. Beware the questions of a "cool dad."

7. This is the best way to get into a car.

8. A lot of hatred comes from low self-worth.

9. Every interaction benefits from good manners.

10. Smoking kills (David Bowie).

11. Keep your urges to yourself.

12. Henchmen should never be left unattended.

13. Babies don't get souls until they've lived a year.

Via guest-age.

14. Taco Bell makes everyone sick.

15. Don't forget to check the durability of every surface.

16. You should always save your dead skin.

17. Everyone should start their to-do lists with the same first item.

18. Lock your doors in case you have enemies.

19. The best way to make an entrance is naked and covered in blood.

20. You are never too old to party.

21. Always use protection.

22. You can intimidate your enemies by looking bigger and more powerful than you really are.

23. Everyone needs an outlet.

The best things at three price points