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14 OMG Moments From "True Blood" Season 6, Episode 2

Sookie's a what now? And Bill has a shocking premonition about the future. MAJOR SPOILERS for "The Sun."

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6. When Bill telepathically drained a hooker.


First he broke a bunch of her bones, which GROSS. If we're still supposed to sympathize with this guy, True Blood isn't doing a great job.


10. When Niall explained Sookie's secret power.


Apparently she can obliterate all the vampires around her with a supernova of faerie light, but she'll become a full-blown human after that. Can't wait to see this deus ex machina in action!

13. When Bill and Jessica realized he could see the future.


And then Bill was like, "I can see the future," because he's a little dense and needs to repeat things sometimes.

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