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    16 Mic Slips That Should Have Been Caught By An Editor

    In the editors' defense, these can be hard to spot. But hey, someone noticed.

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    1. "Purple Violets"

    2. "Tower Heist"

    3. "Mallrats"

    4. "The House Bunny"

    5. "Reservoir Dogs"

    6. "Arrested Development"

    7. "Everybody Loves Raymond"

    8. "Ecoute Les Temps"

    9. "Surf Nazis Must Die"

    10. "The Larry Sanders Show"

    11. "Warriors of the Deep"

    12. "Arrested Development" (again)


    That's the guy holding the mic. Hey, dude.

    13. "Malcolm in the Middle"

    14. "Star Trek: The Next Generation"

    15. "Invasion of the Dinosaurs"

    16. "The Larry Sanders Show" (again)


    Actually this entire Tumblr is largely Larry Sanders Show boom mic slips.

    What other movie or TV mic slips have you noticed?

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