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Let's Not Hate On Kristin Chenoweth

Her red-carpet behavior didn't win her many fans, but most of the time she's really charming. Honest!

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Last night's red carpet gig was not Kristin Chenoweth's finest hour.

Her closing number wasn't much better.

Kevin Winter / Getty Images


Kevin Winter / Getty Images

But we mustn't forget that more often than not, Kristin Chenoweth is delightful.

Jason Merritt / Getty Images

She was sexy and funny on "Pushing Daisies."

Olive was always hilariously tragic.

And weird.

And kind of scary.

So do we, Kristin. So do we.

I miss Pushing Daisies everyday.-- Kristin Chenoweth

And duh, she's got an amazing Broadway background. She was perfect in "Wicked."

Here she is singing "Popular," which she kills. Obviously.

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But this is her signature song. It's just THE BEST.

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Oh, sure, she was great on "Glee."

And she kind of carried "GCB."

But when she's not on stage or screen, she's at her best, because she's just so WEIRD.

Her dog's name is Madeline Kahn, by the way.

She mostly tweets about food.

She used to do even more of that when she tweeted on Ambien.

Here she is as Honey Boo Boo, because of course.

Mark Davis / Getty Images

I mean, who does this?

She's like this odd little alien who came to our planet to sing and be quirky.

OK, Cheno. We'll forgive you for that Academy Awards flub.

Just don't ever do this again.

Mark Winter / Getty Images

And, uh, Merry Christmas?

Mark Davis / Getty Images

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