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The Best Worst Thing Just Happened On "Game Of Thrones"

Well, that was unexpected. WARNING: MASSIVE SPOILERS AHEAD for the April 13 episode, "The Lion and the Rose."

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At long last, we've arrived at the marriage of King Joffrey Baratheon to Margaery Tyrell.

Helen Sloan / HBO

Yes, he's a horrifying sadist and she's way too good for him, but at least Sansa didn't have to go through with this.

The celebration moves outside for revelry and dwarf fights.

Macall B. Polay / HBO

Yes, Joffrey decides to reenact the recent wars with dwarves, thereby offending his Uncle Tyrion and Tyrion's wife Sansa, whose ENTIRE FAMILY IS DEAD. (Or so she thinks.) It's tacky and totally in character, but it really makes you want to strangle Joffrey.


Tensions flare between Joffrey and Tyrion.


And it's obvious whose side we're on. You know what Tyrion got Joffrey for his wedding? A really neat old book. You know what Joffrey did with it? CHOPPED IT INTO PIECES.

And then? JOFFREY. DIES.


Yes, after three seasons of wishing he would just go ahead and die already, Joffrey finally gives the fans what they want and croaks at his own wedding. WHAT IS IT WITH THIS SHOW AND WEDDINGS?!