12 Actors Who Could Play Young Lando Calrissian

With the news of a Han Solo prequel, everyone’s fantasy casting the iconic Star Wars character, but what about his suave gambling buddy?

1. Donald Glover

Chris McKay / Getty Images

I mean, duh. Donald Glover is the obvious choice. He’s hip, sexy, and just enough of a nerd to thrill Star Wars audiences.

2. Brandon T. Jackson

Christopher Polk / Getty Images

The new Beverly Hills cop earned his geek cred when he played Grover in the Percy Jackson & The Olympians movie.

3. Lenny Kravitz

Getty Images

The musician proved his worth as an actor in Precious. With his role as Cinna in The Hunger Games, he showed an interest in genre work.

4. Dayo Okeniyi

Alberto E. Rodriguez / Getty Images

Also from The Hunger Games, Dayo Okeniyi is poised to make it big. Playing Lando could be his shot at superstardom.

5. Jesse Williams

Gustavo Caballero / Getty Images

Very hot right now. The fact that he worked with Joss Whedon in Cabin in the Woods just makes him an even bigger geek get.

6. Edi Gathegi

Jason Merritt / Getty Images

As one of the truly non-terrible elements of Twilight, Edi Gathegi deserves work in a series we actually enjoy.

7. Corbin Bleu

Frazer Harrison / Getty Images

Sorry, High School Musical haters. He’s handsome as hell, and he’s definitely charming enough to pull this off.

8. Jaden Smith

Alberto E. Rodriguez / Getty Images

He’d need a few years to grow into the part, but Jaden Smith has obvious talent. He’s also doing sci-fi soon in After Earth.

9. Tristan Wilds

Frederick M. Brown / Getty Images

While 90210 is not what it used to be, Tristan Wilds remains a compelling performer. He’s also more dapper than you’ll ever be.

10. Nelsan Ellis

Frazer Harrison / Getty Images

On True Blood, Nelsan Ellis has plenty of charisma as Lafayette. It’s time for him to ditch Bon Temps for a galaxy far, far away.

11. Chiwetel Ejiofor

Stuart Wilson / Getty Images

Another Whedon alum, Chiwetel Ejiofor knows how to be a bad-ass. And as a Brit, he has that effortless cool we only dream about.

12. Billy Dee Williams

Alberto E. Rodriguez / Getty Images

He’s 300 years old, but he’s still a stud.

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