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16 Ugly Hanukkah Sweaters

Why should Christians have all the tacky fun? Just in time for the Festival of Lights, here are a bunch of so-hideous-they're-amazing Hanukkah sweaters.

1. / Via

It's not the cheapest sweater on the list, but you can totally win that money back in dreidel games.

2. / Via

Loving the 3D dreidel and the tackily placed ornaments.

3. / Via

Like the Jewish people, pugs have endured a history of oppression.

4. / Via

Unfortunately, this sweater is homemade. You'll have to commission a friend or loved one.

5. / Via

There's something really special about having "Happy Hanukkah" emblazoned on your gut. Also, fringe!

6. / Via

It might not look that ugly, but you haven't seen it light up.

7. / Via

Get down, girl, go 'head, get down.

8. / Via

If you're lucky, that blunt will last you eight crazy nights.

9. / Via

My eyes! It burns!

10. / Via

More DIY greatness. So matchy-matchy!

11. / Via

There's a beauty in its simplicity.

12. / Via

Admire the stitching and not much else.

13. / Via

Basically, the more 3D dreidels, the better.

14. / Via

This particular sweater is sadly sold out, but there are plenty of Christmas variations to choose from. (Ugh, I know.)

15. / Via

For those who want to look festive and dumpy at the same time.

16. / Via

I honestly can't read that. Let's just assume it says "Happy Chanukah."

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