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    Super Bad SuperBugs

    Last week, the President’s top science advisors conclusively linked the overuse of antibiotics in corporate agriculture with the dire public health disaster we know as antibiotic resistance. This week, Dr. Angela King, an industry-connected veterinarian, tried to sell BuzzFeed readers on the idea that current rates of antibiotic use on the farm are good, responsible, and that we shouldn’t “have a cow” about them. Here are some things that Dr. King and the big pharmaceutical companies that have billions of dollars at stake in perpetuating the rampant overuse of antibiotics won’t tell you.

    1. Antibiotics: Not Your Average Drug

    2. 80% of Antibiotic Use in the U.S. is in Agriculture

    3. Prevention v. Treatment

    4. Superbugs in Supermarkets

    5. Hens --> Humans

    6. Big Ag is a Big Pain