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    11 Random Things We Learned At Miami Art Week 2018

    Prepare for sensory overload.

    1. There's so much more to Miami than just the beach.

    Phillip Pessar (CC BY 2.0) / Via Flickr: southbeachcars

    Events all over the city make Miami Art Week the perfect time to go exploring. Every neighborhood has its own thing going on; from the huge art scene in Wynwood to the incredible live music that spills out onto the streets of Little Havana.

    2. And you can go an entire trip to Miami without even stepping foot on the sand.

    3. "Basel" is not a herb. It's pronounced bah-sel.

    4. Wynwood comes ALIVE with amazing creative energy (even more so than usual).

    5. And the fashion on the street is 💯.

    6. But beware the traffic is...kind of a nightmare.

    7. Even the food turns into art!


    Tons of bars and restaurants offer specials throughout the week, like the palate pizza from R House in Wynwood which is made with SEVEN different house-made sauces.

    8. Art galleries can pop up literally anywhere.


    Seriously. The experiential Art Plug Power House took place in a police impound yard (complete with monster trucks), for example.

    9. And if you're lucky, you might even run into some of the artists.

    Ketnipz / / Via BuzzFeed

    Thousands of artists exhibit during Miami Art Week, so you never know who you're going to meet. We spotted Insta-famous artist Ketnipz painting the bean (!!!).

    10. People spend as much time at parties as they do at galleries.

    11. But most importantly: You don't have to be a celebrity or art connoisseur to have an amazing experience.

    Until next year, Miami!

    Sony / Via

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