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    21 Tell-Tale Signs You've Survived Backpacking In Thailand

    From eating cockroaches from street food carts to ping-pong shows and poorly translated movie titles. How many have you ticked off the list?

    1. You know what kind of 'ladies' these are...

    Not every beautiful woman is a beautiful WOMAN...

    2. You've declined this

    Leon Logothetis / Via

    From the dorm room to the dinner plate. The humble cockroach has sure come a long way...

    3. You've been thrilled by this / Via

    And laughed at the foreigners who thought that 4 weeks of training made them qualified to get in the ring as well...

    4. You've survived this

    Are you game to join the fun?? Just make sure you get your license first...

    5. You've ticked this off your bucket list

    6. You've dodged this / Via

    Power cables at head height - nothing could possibly go wrong!

    7. You've mastered this

    View this video on YouTube

    Bribing Thai police is a right of passage for any Thai backpacker and as they're constantly trying to find reasons to elicit a bribe, you're never short of opportunities to master it

    8. You've doubted this...

    I don't care if it has a higher tensile strength than steel, I'd take more than a hard hat to get me out there!

    9. You've laughed at this

    Screen Crush / Via

    I don't think that's what the producers of Pretty Woman had in mind when they shot the film but it doesn't make it any less accurate...

    10. You've endured this

    From your naked scalp to the soles of your feet - despite the amount of lemon and cucumber you applied to your wounds, lugging your backpack around has never been less fun...

    11. You've defeated this

    Secure Thoughts / Via

    For all those times when I Will Marry A Prostitute To Save Money just doesn't hold your attention and the thought of hand-feeding monkeys can't coax you out of bed, the only thing to do is side-step Netflix's geo-blocking and catch up with House of Cards.

    12. You've been tickled by this

    Probably the first time in your life you've had to pay $7 to get tickled and feed fish...

    13. You've indulged in this

    Alright, it was probably done by a small Thai woman but it was still the best $7 you've ever spent...

    14. You've survived on this (despite the warnings)

    Despite the warnings your mum gave you before you departed, you found out first hand that the street food carts in Thailand are as safe as any restaurant

    15. You've relaxed with this

    PRO TIP: Keep it to a minimum if you want to avoid the dreaded 'Chang over'...

    16. You've been horrified by this

    View this video on YouTube

    It doesn't matter how high you climb or where you hide, they'll find you... It least you don't have to go out to get dinner!

    17. You've been awestruck by this

    A great way to spend your afternoon, just be wary of the monkeys

    18. You've been heart broken by this

    It's almost impossible to avoid the heart breaking packs of under-nourished, desease ridden stray dogs in Thailand. Whilst there are many ways to deal with them, the simplest solution is to avoid them.

    19. You've been amazed by this

    Where else in the world can you play with and pat one of natures fiercest creatures for less than $20?

    20. You'll miss this

    Once you witness the soaring limestone cliffs made famous by James Bond, settling back into your regular life becomes very challenging

    21. You'll never forget this

    Flickr: mksystem / Via

    It doesn't matter is the beaches are crammed with sun lounges and aggressive hawkers, you'll never forget your first Thai beach sunset

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