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    21 Tell-Tale Signs You've Survived Backpacking In Thailand

    From eating cockroaches from street food carts to ping-pong shows and poorly translated movie titles. How many have you ticked off the list?

    1. You know what kind of 'ladies' these are...

    2. You've declined this

    3. You've been thrilled by this

    4. You've survived this

    5. You've ticked this off your bucket list

    6. You've dodged this

    7. You've mastered this

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    Bribing Thai police is a right of passage for any Thai backpacker and as they're constantly trying to find reasons to elicit a bribe, you're never short of opportunities to master it

    8. You've doubted this...

    9. You've laughed at this

    10. You've endured this

    11. You've defeated this

    12. You've been tickled by this

    13. You've indulged in this

    14. You've survived on this (despite the warnings)

    15. You've relaxed with this

    16. You've been horrified by this

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    It doesn't matter how high you climb or where you hide, they'll find you... It least you don't have to go out to get dinner!

    17. You've been awestruck by this

    18. You've been heart broken by this

    19. You've been amazed by this

    20. You'll miss this

    21. You'll never forget this