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11 Things You Should Never Say To Someone With ADHD

We may be distracted easily, but we are still peopl....Oh my gosh, this is funny.

1. "Did you take your medicine today?"

Via Paramount/ Zoolander

Yes, I did, but I can see you missed your it's-none-of-my-damn-business pill.

2. "It's not that hard to just focus."


You know, I'm having no trouble focusing on how much I hate you right now. I'm cured!

3. "ADHD isn't real."

Via Kevin Hart

That is so weird. I'll have to tell that to the multiple doctors that diagnosed me. What med school did you graduate from again?

4. "Calm down."

Via VH1

Telling anyone to calm down is a guaranteed way to not get them to calm down.

5. "Everyone is a little ADHD."

Via Fox/ New Girl

That's exactly like saying everyone has depression because we all get sad. Which I really hope you know isn't true either.

6. "My brother's friend's sibling's dog's pet sitter has ADHD so I totally understand."

Via Warner Brothers

Are you like the ADHD Whisperer? You just "get" ADHD people?

7. "How could you forget that?"

Via Disney-ABC/

Forgetting important details and letting everyone down is my favorite past time.

8. "I think I'm ADHD too."

Via The Weinstein Company

Just because I have ADHD doesn't mean I'm qualified to diagnose you. But please, tell me more about how you couldn't focus on your homework last night. Here's a wild idea, call your doctor!

9. "Can I buy some of your meds?"

Via Disney

People like you are exactly why my pills are so hard to get in the first place. Oh, and I actually need these.

10. "You can't have ADHD, you're too smart."

Via Warner Brothers

I know, right? Hard work never pays off.

11. "You need to act normal."


You need to shove your face in a pile of shit.

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