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    May 8, 2017

    This 15-Year-Old's Disney-Themed Comics Are Hilarious

    Watch out, fresh talent coming through.

    Meet 15-year-old Imane.

    She recently started posting her comics on Instagram, and they're GREAT.

    Especially her Disney comics. In her own words, "I try to look for stereotypes in the movie and make my own spinoff based of that stereotype."

    See more of her Disney comics below.

    This very real situation.

    The saddest truth.

    Disney wisdom made clear.

    Which princesses party better.

    Rapunzel's reality.

    When your friend won't quit talking about her ex.

    This magical solution.

    An alternative solution for The Little Mermaid.

    And some behind the scenes Disney drama.

    See more of her awesome comics here.

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