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    This Artist Illustrates Arabic Words As Their Literal Meaning

    So. Clever.

    Artist Mahmoud Tammam has created a brilliant lettering project. In his words, "I have always been fascinated by word manipulation, so I started this project as a personal challenge. I manipulate Arabic words and transform them into their meaning." Look below to see the impressive results.

    1. The word "cat" as graceful in text as in real life.

    2. Duck.

    3. A cute little bear.

    4. DOG!

    5. Ink.

    6. This perfect koala.

    7. Watermelon.

    8. Fox.

    9. An elegant giraffe.

    10. This hot coffee pot design.

    11. Crown.

    12. And this whale of a design.

    See more of Tammam's awesome work here.