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Tell Us What You Want To Carve On Your Pumpkin, And We'll Create A Stencil For It

Beyoncé? Your cat? Beyoncé dancing with your cat?!

Tired of carving the same old jack-o'-lanterns every Halloween?

Getty Images/iStockphoto jenifoto
Getty Images/iStockphoto nelik

This year let's carve what we really want! How about sexy, sexy Jeff Goldblum?

Loryn Brantz/BuzzFeed

Here's a stencil.

Loryn Brantz/BuzzFeed

Directions: Save image to computer, print, pin printed stencil to emptied pumpkin, using a pin or spoked tool outline the black areas, remove stencil, carve outlines, enjoy!

Or a cheesy slice of pizza?

Loryn Brantz/BuzzFeed
Loryn Brantz/BuzzFeed

Or maybe you're over fall, and more excited that winter is coming...

Loryn Brantz/BuzzFeed

Here's your Game of Thrones stencil!

Loryn Brantz/BuzzFeed

So let us know what you want to carve on your pumpkin this Halloween and I'll create a stencil! Expect the follow up post on Wednesday 10/8/14.

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