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    Posted on Nov 25, 2014

    Girls Look Amazing With Their Real Arms

    Skinny arm pose < Real arm pose

    We've all seen the "skinny arm" pose.

    Columbia Pictures

    *Elbows out, shoulder up.

    Well, there's a new pose every woman should try called "real arm." Here are some beautiful examples.

    These girls too busy winning to pose.

    This happy new mom using her arms to hold her baby.

    green and grey photography

    This powerful woman who understands one of the reasons we have arms is to lift things.


    These fashionable BFFs, ready for a girls night.

    These girls who realize their arms are great for hugging.

    This girl using her arms to do a Warrior II.

    This lady too busy taking it all in to pop her elbows out.

    This girl using her arms to carry her new Xbox One.

    And this awesome bride enjoying her big day instead of thinking about where her arms are.

    Because we have arms, deal with it.

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