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    24 Gifts Guaranteed To Make Your Loved Ones Feel Really F*cking Good

    This is what The Good Advice Cupcake is getting her friends and family this year!

    It's Me! The Good Advice Cupcake! And I'm here to tell you my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE gifts to give this year!

    1. This super soft pizza sleeping bag that will make your friends feel both warm and cheesy!

    2. This adorable BFFs pin set that I'm definitely getting my best bitch, Cookie.

    3. A "Snow Fairy" bath bomb that's sure to make your buds feel like silky bath princesses.

    4. One of these super cozy animal-eared bathrobes bound to make people smile.

    5. These friggin' hot as heck metallic workout shorts to stay fit in.

    6. This over-sized wine glass for the best girl's night ever.

    7. These squishie stress relievers that could calm anyone down.

    8. This deliciously cute pillow that will make your pal's nap times extra special.

    9. This zen-inducing journal bound to be a hit.

    10. This peachy hand cream to make your favorite family member feel extra peachy.

    11. For your favorite informed (or uninformed) friend, this classic book, Men Explain Things to Me.

    12. This animal face mask set sure to make your family and friends laugh AND maybe have perfect skin.

    13. This super cute camera and film to capture all your beautiful moments together <3

    14. These super adorable animal socks that I'm giving my love, Bun, for sure!

    15. This kitty backpack good for learning and CUTENESS.

    16. These foaming bath salts that will make your loved ones feel like the mermaids they are.

    17. This painfully cute tea strainer for the cat lovers in your life.

    18. This colorful introduction to feminism, Feminist Baby, for all the little baby friends in your world.

    19. A wine glass caddy for an extra special bubble bath.

    20. This Pyropet candle that will melt your loved one's troubles away as they get to watch a super cool metal skeleton be revealed.

    21. These motivational and magical shirts WITH ME ON THEM!

    22. This biodegradable glitter set so your buds can sparkle and be good to the environment!

    23. This super fuzzy pink jacket for your most stylish pals.

    24. And this handmade donut shaped cat toy that I'm getting for my favorite fuzzy, Sprinkles.