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18 Jokes About Not Being Able To Sleep That Are Too Real

*Closes eyes* *Brain: "Oh hey remember that embarrassing thing you did today?"*

1. How your bed feels.

2. This mistake.

3. Or this one.

4. When you're filled with regret.

5. Even enthusiasm doesn't help.

6. Or trying to go to bed early.

7. When this happens.

8. And you start doing math in your head.

9. How you feel after another sleepless night.

10. This endless cycle.

11. When it's just the lack of cuddles.

12. Your internal clock is all wrong.

13. When you're literally a cat.

14. Naps take over your daytime thoughts.

15. When your brain goes off.

16. And you have no one to blame but yourself.

17. You can fall asleep anywhere but bed.

18. But you still can’t wait to get home and try again.