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18 Struggles Of Being A Girl Who Sometimes Actually Likes Herself

Can I live?

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2. You have to say "can I live" when you just want to take a selfie of yourself looking on point some days.


6. You try to look casual in pics when you're really feeling your look — so you end up having this awkward expression on your face:

I'm just chillin', looking hot, no big deal.

7. You have to do a #shameless hashtag on selfies — as though you should be ashamed you look awesome in your new lipstick?

13. You have to use your pet as a prop just as an excuse to show the world how cute you are (and your pet).

16. You need to type several hashtags and an explanation just to post this amazing beach day picture.

#bodylove #beach #fatkini #highwaisted #loveyourself #plusize #selfconfidence #honoryourcurves


17. You're probably kind of offending everyone.

Woman who likes herself #OffendEveryoneIn4Words

18. And then you have to do some next-level thinking just to realize what's happening.

why is it okay for you to tell a girl she's pretty, but as soon as she believes it she's "full of herself" and "vain"?