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11 Ways To Totally Nail Sex With Any Man

He'll thank you later.

1. Lightly scratch his back.

2. Gently bite his ear.

3. Leave a lipstick heart on his mirror.

4. Hide under the bed when he goes to the bathroom then grab his feet when he tries to get back into bed.

5. Right when he's about to orgasm, whisper "Chipotle burrito" in his ear.

6. Wear red lipstick and leave a trail of kisses to his toaster.

7. Wrap just your bottom half in sheets and pretend to be a mermaid.

8. Or even better, wrap yourself in the blanket and pretend to be a Chipotle burrito.

9. Put peanut butter in your bra for a sticky surprise when he goes to touch your breasts.

10. Hide a toy car in your vagina for him to find.

11. Have his family hide in the closet with Chipotle takeout and jump out and yell "surprise" after you're finished making love.