7 Things To Talk To Little Girls About Other Than Them Being Cute

    "You look so pretty...erm, pretty smart that is."

    We've all been there. That moment you're introduced to a little girl and all you can think to say is "I love your shoes!" or "You have such pretty hair!"

    Inspired by this article, we came up with some other options for opening lines that don't focus on their appearance.

    1. How old are you?

    2. The weather.

    OK, I know this sounds kind of lame, but it's a universal experience and it's not about her looks, so why not?

    3. Do you like books?

    4. A current event.

    Maybe the Olympics are coming up or there's a new Pixar movie out. Surely there's some common ground to find!

    5. What's your favorite color?

    6. What are you learning about in school right now?

    This is an easy go-to. And there's usually so much to talk about: art, science, teachers — the possibilities are endless!

    7. Something about the environment around you.

    It may take a moment longer to think of something to say, but it's definitely worth it!