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    Posted on Feb 28, 2016

    17 Signs You're A Confinsecure Person

    Either feeling deeply insecure or overly confident BUT NOTHING IN BETWEEN.

    A confinsecure person is someone who only either feels super confident or wildly insecure, but nothing in between.


    You may be confinsecure if you relate to any of these problems.

    1. For some reason thinking you're crazy good at something before you even try it.

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    2. Then trying it and remembering you suck at most things and getting sad.


    3. Demanding the respect of your peers.

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    4. Followed by wondering why anyone should respect you?


    5. Sometimes feeling like the baddest bitch on the block.


    6. Then 10 minutes later realizing you forgot something and feeling like the dumbest human garbage alive.

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    7. Being competitive in sports even though you're not athletic at all.


    8. Feeling really fit and attractive at the beginning of the day.


    9. Only to feel like a disgusting melting sea monster by the end.

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    10. Feeling really good about something you're making.

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    11. Then wanting to burn it with fire after you're done because you hate it so much.


    12. Trying on clothes at the store either makes you feel like a supermodel or like a total trash pile.

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    13. Feeling super insecure in a relationship but then if they dump you getting all, "Fuck you, I'm amazing!"

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    14. Trash talking yourself nonstop.


    15. Then standing up for yourself with the intensity of a thousand suns when need be.

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    16. Finding a reason to "treat yo self" almost every day either to console yourself or congratulate yourself.


    17. Knowing at your very core though, your self esteem is A-OK even if it swings violently back and forth sometimes.


    *The word "confinsecure" originated here at BuzzFeed.

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