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    17 Struggles Of Being In A Happy Relationship


    So you finally found the one.

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    Everything is going great.

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    That is until...

    1. Your friends start to find it super annoying.



    2. Really, everyone is super annoyed.


    Including co-workers.

    3. Your stories for girls' nights become way less exciting.


    "How's life? Well, we're thinking about buying a new couch..."

    4. You gain 5 to 100 lbs.


    So happy, so in love, so much eating.

    5. Your once insightful dating advice becomes terrible.


    "I see, you're concerned his profile has been 'active'... What does that mean again?"

    6. You're worried you look like this in engagement photos.

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    7. Your Facebook statuses are almost certainly nauseating everyone.



    8. You regularly put on a dress only to realize much too late you haven't shaved your legs in weeks.

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    9. You don't have fun Tinder stories to share.


    10. You end up leaving parties early more often.


    Rather be watching TV on the couch with my bae.

    11. You get overly upset and confused when your favorite characters on TV shows cheat.

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    Wait, NO, but, he's MARRIED!

    12. Bars aren't as fun without the hunting aspect.

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    Why are we buying these overpriced drinks again?

    13. Family and friends constantly ask, "When are you two moving in/getting married/having kids?"


    14. You feel the embarrassment of strangers side-eyeing you when you PDA too hard.

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    15. Over time you can no longer fall asleep alone... and it's pathetic.


    16. Single friends don't want to come to your parties in fear it will be all couples... playing board games.

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    Who wants to play Taboo?

    17. And worst of all, you might have shared this post on your significant other's wall inducing widespread disgust from everyone who sees it.


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