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17 Types Of Male "Feminists" That Need To Be Stopped

Bye, boy.

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3. The one who thinks he's a hero for being willing to date women with a tiny bit of fat on their bodies.

Wow, someone get this man a medal! (That reads in tiny letters "you're the worst.")

4. The "feminist" Bernie Bro who just CAN'T put his finger on why he doesn't trust Hillary Clinton.

I have a few guesses why.


6. The "so liberal" dude who is a "feminist" but then calls politically conservative women demeaning names or trashes their looks.

Oftentimes with the c-word. Not very feminist.

7. The passive performance artist.

This guy will show up at a feminist protest, then the next day catcall three women.

8. The one who uses his "feminist credentials" to dismiss any critiques or accusations.

You don't get a free pass to be a misogynist just 'cause you voted for Hillary.


10. The one who uses it as a way to hit on women.

No, the feminist book club is not for cruising chicks.

11. The quick-to-switch male "feminist."

This guy is so woke while pursuing you, but right when you end things, he turns on a dime.


13. The male manager who pats himself on the back for hiring one woman.

No back pats for you.

14. The Jonathan Franzen fanboy.

Maybe time to read someone else?

16. The guy who tells you about the sexist stuff his male friends or colleagues said when you weren't in the room because he "knows how messed up it was."

But he never actually confronted them. *eyes roll out of head*