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17 Things Only People With Crazy Low Blood Pressure Will Understand

Standing up just to sit back down.

1. Everything going black when you stand up happens pretty much everyday.


Especially from a lying down position.

2. Nurses taking your blood pressure several times because it's so low they think it's a false reading.


Until they call in a doctor for a second opinion. Then the doctor tries a couple times before realizing that's just your actual blood pressure.

3. Being told to eat MORE salt.


Don't mind if I do.

4. Feeling tired and fatigued on a whole different level.


Keeping your eyes open isn't even an option sometimes.

5. Trying to give blood but it takes too long because your blood just dribbles out with barely any force behind it.

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Better get comfy, you're going to be sitting there FOR HOURS.

6. Then after you give blood you're super exhausted for two or three days.


7. Getting cold easily and often.

Warner Bros.


8. Especially your hands and feet.

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9. Waking up to unquenchable thirst.


Often in the middle of the night.

10. Being happy that low blood pressure could mean good longevity but also freaked out because you could never take beta blockers if you needed to.

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Because you would faint, non-stop.

11. Feeling dizzy more than you'd like.

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12. Thinking you might have chronic fatigue but it turns out your blood pressure is just mad low.


13. Feeling like you're gonna faint on the reg.


14. Becoming the equivalent to a tranquilized bear on your period (if you have one).

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15. Feeling like you have ADHD, but really it's your hypotension.


Focusing is hard enough as is.

16. Basically feeling naturally high all the time.


High on life?

17. It taking a long time and too many tests to realize it was your low blood pressure that caused all these things.

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At least you know what it is now.

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