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16 People Who Totally Nailed Proposing

Cheesy in all the right ways.

1. Marry mep? Yes.

2. Absolutely.

3. Of course she said yes!

4. Olives and peppers? Hell yeah!

5. Lucky lady.

6. This was skillfully prepared and deserved a resounding "yes."

7. No such thing as too much cheese.

8. I think we can all speak for Laura when we say YES!

9. Dream guy.

10. Yes-eroni.

11. What does that say? Eh, who cares, yes! Gimme pizza!

12. Magical.

13. After this is baked, yes, yes, I will marry you.

14. YES.

15. Tears of joy...for pizza.

16. And for dessert? OH MY GOD YES YES YES YES.