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    15 Things Only Girls Who Are Tired All The Time Will Get

    Just gonna rest my eyes for a minute....

    1. When you're trying to get ready to go out then this happens.

    2. Binging TV is basically foreplay (for sleep).

    3. You always prefer to dress for comfort.

    4. Sometimes you feel a little behind.

    5. And just when you're about to get something done...

    6. Sometimes you're just too tired to make decisions.

    7. And when you think a nap will help...but then this happens.

    8. You're always trying to find more time to sleep any way you can.

    9. You feel much better about life in sweatpants.

    10. Falling asleep at inopportune times is definitely a thing.

    11. Every New Year's Day this happens.

    12. You do weird shit to try and stay awake.

    13. It can be hard to follow through on ideas cause you're so sleepy.

    14. And really, you just want more sleep.