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12 '90s Cartoons That Will Be Over Two Decades Old In 2016

♫ Happy happy, joy joy, you're old as fuck ♫

1. Aaahh!!! Real Monsters premiered in '94 and in 2016 will be 22 YEARS OLD.


That's old enough to drink.

2. Animaniacs will be very mature at 23 years old.

Warner Brothers

3. Rugrats first aired in 1991 and in 2016 will be 25 years old.


In other words, A QUARTER CENTURY OLD.

4. Bobby's World will be 26 YEARS OLD.


5. "Ren and Stimpy" will also be a QUARTER CENTURY OLD.


♫Happy happy, joy joy, you're old as fuck♫

6. Rocko's Modern Life will be 23 years old.


7. The Tick first aired in '94 and will be a whoppin' 22 years old.


8. Doug premiered in 1991 and will be 25 friggin' years old.


Nothing funny about that.

9. Dexter's Laboratory will be legally drinking at 22 years old.

Cartoon Network

10. The Critic will also be 22.


That stinks!

11. Beavis and Butt-Head first aired in '93 and will be 23.


12. And lastly, we all know The Simpsons are old, but in 2016 they'll be 27 YEARS OLD!


Ay caramba!

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