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    11 Things $25 Billion Could Pay For Other Than A Wall

    Wow, these things seem pretty useful.

    Experts are saying Trump's wall could cost up to $25 billion to build. Here's a list of 11 other things you could do with that much money.

    1. Easily pay to fix the water crises in Flint, Michigan.

    2. Provide 40,000 grants of $625,000 to support medical research.

    3. End all homelessness in the USA annually.

    4. Stop the deforestation of the Amazon rain forests within 10 years.

    5. Pay for the adoption fees of approximately 1.25 million children.

    6. Provide 25,000 grants in the amount of $1 million to scientists and foundations working to stop the progression of climate change.

    7. Pay for college for 200,000 students in the US.

    8. Plant a tree for one of the every 324,420,000 people living in the US.

    9. Relieve almost all world hunger for a year.

    10. Provide 50,000 small businesses in the US with $500,000 grants.

    11. Provide clean drinking water to the ENTIRE planet for three years.