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11 Period Emojis That Need To Exist

It can get pretty emoji-tional.

1. "Oh look, my 'you're getting your period' welcome zit has arrived."

2. "I just saw a cute baby and I'm ovulating. WHAT IS HAPPENING TO ME."

3. "I love you, and I want to hang out tonight, but I can't because I just got my period and I want to be alone watching Netflix for the next 48 hours. K, bye."

4. "I just sneezed and my tampon came out a little. Halp."

5. "PMSing and I just started to cry at work and am trying to pretend everything's OK."

6. "I'm ovulating and I just saw a hot guy with a beard. Yes. Please."

7. "I'm on my period but am still down to get down tonight if you are."

8. "PMSing and just ate a block of cheese for dinner."

9. "Do I really have to poop or are those just cramps?"

10. "I'm PMSing and just spent all my money on froyo."

11. "The moon blood is upon us."