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23 Frustrating Things Lesbian Filipinas Are Tired Of Hearing

You're just scared I'll steal your girl.

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5. “Eh sino'ng lalaki sa inyo?” (But who’s the man in the relationship?)

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How you want to respond: We’re both girls. Because again, I like girls. That’s kind of the point in identifying as a lesbian.

7. “Sinaktan ka siguro ng lalaki before.” (You must have been hurt by a man before.)

How you want to respond: No, I didn't become a lesbian because I was hurt by a man before. Liking women doesn't have anything to do with men at all.


9. “Yan ba ang natutunan mo sa all-girls school?” (Is that what they teach you at that all-girls school?)

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How you want to respond: We had strict math teachers and they didn't have time to teach us how to be a lesbian. We were too busy acing our exams.

12. “If you're dating a girl who looks like a boy, bakit hindi na lang lalaki?”

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How you want to respond: My girlfriend can wear whatever she wants and be whoever she wants. Sorry not sorry that makes you feel weird.


21. “Are you a fan of Charice? Tegan and Sara? Deuce Manila?”

How you want to respond: Just because I'm a lesbian doesn't mean I'm automatically a fan of lesbian artists. (Pero yoooooo, Tegan and Sara though.)