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    23 Things That Are Totally Normal When Living In St. Kitts

    Life can be a little different when living on an island that has more monkeys than people. Things can be a bit crazy sometimes, but in the end it is SO SO worth it.

    1. Beer being cheaper than water

    Pick your poison, Stag or Carib.

    2. Interesting local lingo

    Facebook: Only-in-St-Kitts-or-Nevis

    TRANSLATION: Stop here and call. Don't come in!

    3. Butt sweat / Via

    What's a little butt sweat between friends?

    4. Underboob sweat

    5. Sweat in places you didn't even know you could sweat

    Airplane (Paramount Pictures)


    6. A patch of smooth road being a cause for celebration

    Only matched by the wonder that is the new roundabout.

    7. Sandal tans

    It's a rough life, but someone's gotta live it.

    8. Goat induced traffic jams

    Facebook: Only-in-St-Kitts-or-Nevis

    Or sheep. Whatever they are.

    9. Donkeys wearing sunglasses

    "Come on, again Jojo? I look RIDICULOUS." -- Bob the donkey

    10. Monkeys riding donkeys

    "Giddyup you ass!"

    11. Alcoholic monkeys

    View this video on YouTube

    Just one more Ting with a Sting...

    12. Never knowing if an animal is a goat or a sheep

    Flickr: bawoodvine

    HINT: It's all in the tail. Goats up, sheep down.

    13. Island cars

    Facebook: mbrog33

    Why yes, that is a menstrual pad and zip ties holding everything together.

    14. Cruise ships

    Flickr: kayashi

    Don't even think about trying to shop in port if there's no ship docked.

    15. Never being able to fully rid yourself of sand

    Just when you thought your bed was finally sand free.

    16. Giant Centipedes

    These are what God invented BOP for.

    17. Huge ass spiders trying to kill you

    Home Alone (Twentieth Century Fox)


    18. Then again, don't forget views like this

    Flickr: kayashi

    The peninsula from Timothy Hill

    19. ...and this

    Flickr: worldpokertour

    Christophe Harbour

    20. ...and this.

    Flickr: mg-muscapix

    Mount Liamuiga

    21. Oh yeah, and beaches

    Flickr: worldpokertour

    The Pavilion Beach Club @ Christophe Harbour

    22. ...more beaches

    Flickr: worldpokertour

    The Pavilion Beach Club @ Christophe Harbour

    23. ...and more beaches

    Flickr: ctlsmdesnd

    View of Nevis from St Kitts

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