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    I Am In Love With Anthony Bridgerton From "Bridgerton" And Here Are Just 11 Reasons Why

    We love you, Anthony!

    It's time to celebrate one of the most eligible bachelors of the Netflix series, Bridgerton. This is simply a compilation of his best qualities, or something to feast your eyes on!

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    Hooray for the Viscount Anthony Bridgerton!

    1. He's a passionate lover.

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    2. He has principles.

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    3. The banter with his mother is just a plus throughout the series.

    4. He's a man close to his family and always looking out for them.

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    The chemistry he has with his brothers and sisters is just adorable.

    5. He's also a very protective older brother.

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    6. Very protective indeed...

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    7. He's always looking out for his sister(s).

    8. And for his brothers, too.

    9. He's charming even when drinking out of the milk bottle.


    10. He made me laugh so hard at this bowing scene!

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    11. Staring in a mean way at other men that approach his sister is probably one of his best attributes.

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    Let's hope we will see more of our beloved viscount in the season 2!

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    Now, it's your turn to share. What is your favorite moment with Anthony Bridgerton?

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