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5 Wearable Pet Carrier (Actual) Inventions

These are Real, USA Patented Inventions. (In no particular order). Plenty more here!

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  • 1. Gerbil Shirt - US Patent Issued In 1999

    So many places to go !

  • 2. Wearable Dog House - US Patent Issued In 1994

    What about Cats ! (and where does the pee go)

  • 3. Calf Carrier - US Patent Issued In 1992

    Hey ladies, look at me and my cute calf

  • 4. Insect Balls - US Patent Issued In 1990

    It attracts the insects, which you could befriend and then make them your pets.

  • 5. Bird Powered Blimp - US Patent Issued In 1887

    Okay it's not wearable but I like the idea of your pet birds flying you to far away destinations.