London 2012 Olympic Venues

In preparation for the 2012 Olympics, a few amazing new sporting venues were constructed in and around London. Behold, the sacred ground upon which endless LOLz will take place.

1. Olympic Park


Olympic Stadium, The Aquatic Center, and the Water Polo Arena

2. Olympic Stadium


Home to the track and field events, and endless lolz at the expense of the grunting shotputters and high-flying pole vaulters.

3. Aquatic Center


Michael Phelps and his fellow fish will battle it out in the waters of the Aquatic Center.

4. Water Polo Arena


Water Polo would be much more remarkable if it was played with horses. The Water Polo Arena will be a temporary structure.

5. Basketball Arena


There is only 1 dream team. Aerial view, and close-up.

7. Velodrome


House of the cycling and BMX events.

8. Copperbox


The Copperbox will play host to the handball competitions. The outside of the building is clad in mostly recycled copper, and should look pretty cool in a few years after the copper has had time to age.

9. Lee Valley White Water Centre


The centre will host the canoe and kayak events.

The rest…

The remainder of the events such as football (soccer), basketball qualifying games, gymnastics, and more will be hosted at existing stadiums, fields, and arenas around London and across the rest of the UK.

See the complete list if 2012 Olympic Venues.

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