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Passover Questions Asked And Answered

All your questions in one place!

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What is a SEDER?

It is a meal were we sing a lot. Eat. Eat special foods that are made for that night only. Such as bitter herbs or boiled potatoes dipped in salt water.

How long is Passover?

Passover is 7-8 days long. All those days we eat Matzo. No bread, no pasta.

What does Matzo taste like?

It tastes like cardboard. Really. Not very good. Its good with cream cheese, jam, or anything creative. Its sort of a cracker.

Does the home really need to be clean or is it just spring cleaning?

Yes, the house needs to be clean. We need to get rid of all crumbs and foods that contain flour or grains. Something called Chametz. We are forbidden to eat Chametz over passover.

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