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20 Reactions To Valentine's Day, As Told By Cat GIFs.

Valentine's Day, the holiday that gives everyone intense feelings whether they like it or not.

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1. "It's JUST. A. DAY. Nothing Special."

2. "Okay. Okay. Yeah! Valentine's Day! yes. Just don't forget to breathe."

3. "I'm working a double at the restaurant. And we have special V-Day shirts. And I have to say 'Welcome LoveBirds what can I tweedle-do for you today?' I hate everything."


5. "What? Valentine's Day? I hardly even remembered it was a thing."

6. "It's okay if you're single, I can have two valentines! I love you. You'll find someone."


8. "Yeah I got her a [insert jewelry item] with [insert significant date, word, or initials] engraved on it."

9. "Netflix is my Valentine."

10. "I'm not good at being romantic, but this is me trying."

11. "I think he's planning to surprise me..."

12. "First date, here I come!"

13. *soft humming*

14. "Idk is this how you Valentine? Seriously I said I'm not that romantic but I am REALLY trying."

15. What are your plans for Valentine's Day?

16. "Gettin laid tonight."

17. "Don't worry, I already set up my 'Out Of Office' email reply for the week."

18. "It's gonna be a rough one for us."

(yes, those are Taylor Swift's cats.)

19. "I wish life was like that movie Groundhog Day but instead it's Valentine's Day over and over srslyiloveitsomuch."

20. "I hate Valentine's Day."

Valentine's Day. You either love it, hate it, or pretend like you don't care either way.

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