The Straight Years Project

Remember those years you said you were “straight!?” The Straight Years Project is highlighting the years where we tried so desperately to fit in by trying to score with the opposite sex. The Straight Years Project thought it would be equally cathartic and hilarious to revisit the years when we projected a straight self — often times knowing we were just putting on ‘straight-drag’ until we selected the right time to come out of the closet.

1. Holly and Emily: Out since 2003 and 2011

Holly & Emily met in summer camp in 2001 and will be getting married in June 2014!

2. Tim H: Out since 2006

Tim H. was leading the frat pack and is now standing for equality rather than kegs.

3. Stephanie S: Out since 2006

Stephanie S. is a self-proclaimed former guidette and loved her Shiraz.

4. Billie L: Out since 2009

Once known as Mr. Bear, meet our first trans submission from the beautiful, Billie L!

5. Michael B: Out since 2005

Great style, Michael B. Glad to see you’re smiling now!

6. Gigi N: Out since 1999

Gigi N. was serving The Craft in Wicker realness. We think she was missing a choker. ; )

7. J.R. T: Out since 2009

J.R. T. was all about Wrestle Mania. Now he’s entered the ring to wrestle without a ref. ; )

8. Laurel B: Out since 2004

Meet Laurel B… we’re living for your sneakers and don’t miss that floral print.

9. Marc L: Out since 1992

Looks like Marc L’s heterosexual choice in fashion has sailed away… and remains in Cancun.

10. Jay R: Out since 1997

Jay R. has gone from Prom King to an Everyday Queen.

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