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7 Reasons Why You Should Let Me Sublet From You!

If you're in LA and you have a spare room, then you should def keep reading.

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1. I have money!

I mean, not a ton. Am I working for a tech startup and can I therefore afford a master bedroom in a Silverlake loft? No! But I can pay the shit out of a rent bill in an East Hollywood 2 bedroom. Or a past-its-prime crafstman in Highland Park. If it's between $500.00 and $700.00, I'm your gal!

2. I have a job!

So I'll keep making money while I live with you! If you need me to provide proof of employment, well then you are the most thorough and detail-oriented person reading Buzzfeed right now. And also, yes, I can do that.

3. I tread lightly!

Honestly, I never watched Breaking Bad, a fact which might make the one person reading this throw their computer in a fit of rage. If you can still read this through your cracked monitor screen, think how nice it would be to have a roommate you barely notice! I really only go home to sleep and I never cook for myself, so your life would be largely unaffected by my presence.

4. I don't have a lot of stuff!

I sold most of my possessions in a very well-documented and under-attended garage sale. Do I blame the Buzzfeed community for the less-than-average turnout? That's for another post. Irregardless, I will not bog down your life with relics from mine!

5. I have excellent references!

Some of my current roommates are friends from high school, who have therefore seen the worst version of me and still allowed me in their front door. Another roomie grew up in a very Christian household and would object to my presence on a moral level if I showed myself to be an unsavory character. The above image was simply titled "jobs.jpg", let me live with you!

6. I'm useful!

I have a lot of skills that might come in handy during our time living together. I work at a technology store that fixes iPhones. Did you break your phone in a drunken rage/while reading list reason #3? I got you. I can also write excellent resumes, house sit, dog sit, cat sit, bird sit (?), and baby sit. I speak basic level German and L.A. Reggaeton Radio station level Spanish. I'm lowkey super buff and can lift way more than you think I can. I also have a $25.00 gift card to Subway right now that we can split.

7. I'm honest.

This living situation, like everything in life, is temporary. I'm trying to find a bigger apartment with a few other friends, so I'm looking to stay somewhere from mid September through October. If you want a long-term roommate, I'm probably not the right fit for you. If you want a long-term friend, however, we might have something to talk about.


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