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    Top 10 Fandom Items To Show Off Your Inner Nerd

    These shops owned by triplets are fantastic at not only showing off, but embracing your inner nerd!

    #10 - Harry Potter Cuff Bracelets

    #9 - Alice in Wonderland Collection

    #8 - Harry Potter Ultimate Collection

    #7 - Sherlock Wallpaper Headband

    #6 - Stay With Me Locket

    #5 - Always Bookmark

    #4 - Marauder's Map Scarf

    #3 - "Have You Seen This Wizard?" Compact

    #2 - The Elder Wand Keychain

    #1 - The Chronicles of Narnia Collection

    Fandom of the Month Club is one of the most amazing subscription boxes out there - not only do they excel at creating unique pieces that you can't get anywhere else, but they're phenomenal at introducing subscribers to fandoms they never would have considered becoming fans of without the motivation of some absolutely adorable nerd jewelry to binge watch in!

    A long time subscriber to the box, Lauren Walker said, "It's awesome that Fandom of the Month Club allows me to be girly and geeky at the same time!"

    All of the companies mentioned above are absolutely phenomenal, and are highly recommended to anyone who wants to flaunt their geeky side while still being fashionable. There is nothing cheesy about these high quality pieces and who doesn't love a fab fangirl?

    The Geeky Cauldron, The Sorcerer's Phone, Property of the Half Blood Prints, Fandom of the Month Club, and Half Blood Prints Monthly are here to help make your home and day-to-day life a little nerdier - so why not let them?

    Fandom of the Month Club starts at $13 a month plus shipping, and the basic Half Blood Prints Monthly starts at $8 per month - both are such a great value, there's no excuse to not transform your closet into the Narnia Wardrobe!

    Check out all these amazing companies and grab a bowl of popcorn. Your new accessories have a whole seven seasons to binge watch alongside you!