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    Top 10 Fandom Items To Show Off Your Inner Nerd

    These shops owned by triplets are fantastic at not only showing off, but embracing your inner nerd!

    Fandom jewelry and accessories have become a hot new trend - focusing on showing off our inner nerds to the rest of the world!

    The Maynard triplets have created a multitude of shops and subscription boxes that feature some absolutely fantastic items that are sure to help you show off more than just 'the Ring' on a daily basis!

    Erin, creator of Fandom of the Month Club and The Geeky Cauldron, focuses on fandom related jewelry and other pieces. Missy & Erin have teamed up for Flitwick's Box, a non-fandom Jewelry subscription box, while Missy tackles The Sorcerer's Phone, a shop with handmade fandom related phone cases. Mandy is behind Property of the Half Blood Prints and Half Blood Prints Monthly, creating beautifully designed fandom artwork.

    Many of these items are handmade and/or hand-designed. Check out some of their best items featured here, and see why these companies are ones you MUST yell "Accio!" at!

    #10 - Harry Potter Cuff Bracelets / Via

    These Harry Potter inspired, tri-toned cuff bracelets are easily maneuvered to fit wrists of all sizes, and even better - three different metals? They'll always match your school robes, no matter which house you're sorted into!

    #9 - Alice in Wonderland Collection

    Instagram: @youngadultbookaddict / Via Instagram: @fandomofthemonthclub

    Alice won't be lonely jumping down the rabbit hole, as you're just bonkers enough to join her! This was a complete set of Alice in Wonderland inspired jewelry, sent out as a part of the Fandom of the Month Club in February, 2016 included four, incredible wearable pieces. These incredible items came inside an adorably designed drawstring bag by S&S Ink and also included a bonus Mad Hatter Magnet by Property of the Half Blood Prints! These pieces included a teacup ring, "We're All Mad Here" earrings, a white rabbit cuff and a necklace of Alice's favorite things! Three of these pieces were custom designed for Fandom of the Month Club exclusively and cannot be found anywhere else - not even in Wonderland!

    #8 - Harry Potter Ultimate Collection / Via

    As a recent post-college student, I'm living in an apartment. Like most apartments, painting and drastically changing anything is very frowned upon. But wall art is definitely a thing and this amazing collection of prints by Property of the Half Blood Prints are just what I need show off my crazy, Potterhead self to all my guests! This collection includes 25, 8x10 art prints in high quality ink - enough artwork to cover Gryffindor Tower!

    #7 - Sherlock Wallpaper Headband

    Instagram: @fandomofthemonthclub / Via

    Sometimes, a girl can have mysteries to solve, but still wants to show off her nerd love to anyone and everyone. Headbands come in handy for that, and this Sherlock Headband is no exception! One of the items featured in the May Fandom of the Month Club box, this adorable headband is sure to keep those Moriarty-types in your life at bay!

    #6 - Stay With Me Locket / Via

    One of the most tear jerking moments in the Harry Potter series (Spoiler Alert!) is when Harry is going to face Voldemort in the Forbidden Forest as an acceptance of his fate. When Sirius says that know....the chill-giving line before Harry faces death head on, he knows his loved ones will be with him "Until the very end." This locket from The Geeky Cauldron is absolutely perfect featuring Sirius' flawless line, and is something that is just so meaningful to those die-hard Potterheads, it would never leave our necks.

    #5 - Always Bookmark

    Instagram: @Rihanna.ryan / Via Instagram: @fandomofthemonthclub

    This piece was included in the one year anniversary box of Fandom of the Month Club, which featured FIVE different fandoms! This bookmark features multiple hanging pieces to show off outside your current read, including a lightning bolt, Deathly Hallows symbol with the word "Always" in the center, and a snitch. The feather piece stays in the page and boom - you've got yourself a book Hermione would be proud of!

    #4 - Marauder's Map Scarf / Via

    You will never be lost with this Marauder's Map scarf by The Sorcerer's Phone! This cozy infinity scarf is sure to get you through those moving staircases with ease (along with avoiding Flich & Peeves) while still keeping it subtle enough that the professors won't have a clue! This high quality wrap will absolutely keep you out of trouble, while allowing you to cause enough mayhem, the Weasley twins want to join in!

    #3 - "Have You Seen This Wizard?" Compact

    Instagram: @outtamygeekyshell / Via Instagram: @fandomofthemonthclub

    You've recently jumped to the top of the Ministry of Magic's Most Wanted List - congratulations! Keep this compact with you while you're on the run so you can make sure that Polyjuice Potion hasn't worn off yet. This piece, included in the January Fandom of the Month Club is one that is sure to keep those Aurors at bay!

    #2 - The Elder Wand Keychain / Via

    Finding your car keys has never been easier, as you'll always have your wand on you for times of need. "Accio keys" is not guaranteed to work 100% of the time, but it certainly boosts your chances of grabbing them - especially since you are now in possession of the most powerful wand in the world! This adorable keychain from The Geeky Cauldron could not be anymore magical!

    #1 - The Chronicles of Narnia Collection

    Instagram: @girlmeetsbox / Via Instagram: @fandomofthemonthclub

    The April Fandom of the Month Club Box featured the classic Chronicles of Narnia, and these pieces were absolutely stunning! The wardrobe locket opens up to a snowy scene, and the bracelet features all seven books' artwork. These two pieces were exclusive designs created just for Fandom of the Month. Also included were a set of lion earrings, a collectible card & lion magnet by Property of the Half Blood Prints, and collectible bag (not pictured) from S&S Ink. All these pieces together are sure to tame a lion, please a witch and fill up your wardrobe!

    Fandom of the Month Club is one of the most amazing subscription boxes out there - not only do they excel at creating unique pieces that you can't get anywhere else, but they're phenomenal at introducing subscribers to fandoms they never would have considered becoming fans of without the motivation of some absolutely adorable nerd jewelry to binge watch in!

    A long time subscriber to the box, Lauren Walker said, "It's awesome that Fandom of the Month Club allows me to be girly and geeky at the same time!"

    All of the companies mentioned above are absolutely phenomenal, and are highly recommended to anyone who wants to flaunt their geeky side while still being fashionable. There is nothing cheesy about these high quality pieces and who doesn't love a fab fangirl?

    The Geeky Cauldron, The Sorcerer's Phone, Property of the Half Blood Prints, Fandom of the Month Club, and Half Blood Prints Monthly are here to help make your home and day-to-day life a little nerdier - so why not let them?

    Fandom of the Month Club starts at $13 a month plus shipping, and the basic Half Blood Prints Monthly starts at $8 per month - both are such a great value, there's no excuse to not transform your closet into the Narnia Wardrobe!

    Check out all these amazing companies and grab a bowl of popcorn. Your new accessories have a whole seven seasons to binge watch alongside you!

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