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18 Holiday Faux Pas We're All Guilty Of

Ooops! Put your foot in your mouth? We've all accidentally created some awkward moments — look good doing it with some help from LOFT.

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1. Accidentally insulting the food to the cook.

Mint Images - Tim Robbins / Via

2. Complimenting an "ugly" sweater when they choose not to participate in the theme.

Jason Verschoor / Via

3. Eating all the cookies.

4. Passing off something you've owned for a while as a gift.

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5. Not taking into consideration your guests' food restrictions.

Jamie Grill / Via

6. Drinking too much at the office holiday party.

Ulrik Tofte / Via

7. Getting upset because you didn't get what you wanted.

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8. Dressing inappropriately.

Jurgen Schadeberg / Via

9. Leaving the price tag on your gift.

BananaStock RF BananaStock / Via

10. Giving a gift even though you agreed not to.

J. Clarke / Via

11. Being antisocial at a friend's holiday party.

MariaPavlova / Via

12. Letting the truth about Santa slip in front of a believer.

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13. Kissing a friend's S.O. under the mistletoe.

Oppenheim Bernhard / Via

14. Sharing embarrassing photos from the office party.

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15. Ruining a gift surprise.

Ariel Skelley / Via

16. Sharing T.M.I. at the family get-together.

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17. Refusing to listen to anything but "All I Want for Christmas."

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18. Arriving late...

Ariel Skelley / Via

...or not showing at all.

Courtesy of LOFT

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