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Kids Suprise 9:30 Club Concertgoers With Rad Cover Of No Doubt "Just A Girl"

Kid band "Fast As Lightning" blows crowd away with 9 year-old lead singer giving Gwen Stefani a run for her money. These kids crushed it for a crowd waiting to see Meat Puppets and Soul Asylum.

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Kid bands crushes cover of No Doubt "Just A Girl"

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Awesome little kid band "Fast As Lightning" opens show for Grammy award winning rock band Soul Asylum at 9:30 Club in Washington D.C. These kids are ages 9-13 and their band was offered the chance to open up for Soul Asylum in Washington D.C. The band covered 2 songs, this one being "Just A Girl" by No Doubt. Gwen Stefani is an idol of lead singer, 9 year old Katie and she does an amazing job crushing this one. Other members, Jackson-11 guitar, Jacob- 11 bass, Jack-13 drums and Trysin- 13 keyboard are equally as rad!

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